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"Being a certified personal trainer myself for 10 years, you could guess my bar was extremely high when I started searching for someone to train me.

To put it simply, I can not recommend Paul highly enough! If you are looking for someone who will not only help you get in to shape physically through highly customized workouts and plans, but will also support and motivate you mentally through the journey, he is your guy! He is dedicated, punctual, focused and 100% committed to your success. Worth every penny!"

Casey G.-Yelp Review

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It's an honor to write a review of Frausto Fitness.  I met Paul many years ago at one of the chain gyms- I was just trying out Personal Training for the first time and got paired with him.  I felt so lucky, after watching the other trainers not pay attention to clients, or not really put their all in it.  Or even worse they just didn't have the knowledge of the body and personal training needed to get the job done.  I was there with a trainer who really put my needs first.  Paul is passionate about his clients goals and does all he can to help you achieve them.  With Paul I tired kickboxing and TRX and loved both.  Not only is he skilled at what he does,  he is also an interesting person- so if you have any breath after all the exercises- he'll keep your mind of the pain with some interesting conversation.  I 100% recommend him for all your training needs.

Joanne P. Yelp Review

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